Jackson Prosecution Witness Jailed in Las Vegas

Trial Update
Thursday March 24

The prosecution may have lost a witness against Michael Jackson. Christopher Carter, one of Michael Jackson's bodyguards, is sitting in jail in Las Vegas, charged with robbing a Jack in the Box at gunpoint in January. Smoking Gun has the Las Vegas arrest warrant affidavit. Carter testified at the grand jury, providing statements the accuser made to him about the use of alchohol at Neverland. But will the prosecution still want to use him? I think its doubtful, unless the prosecution can convince the Judge not to let the jury know about the recent charges or his current residency in the Clark County jail.

In other Jackson news, the Judge has ruled the prosecution cannot introduce sexually explicit heterosexual images from Jackson's computers.

...defense lawyers argued that none of the material was from February and March of 2003, the period during which Jackson is accused of sexually molesting the then-13-year-old boy and that prosecutors could not prove that it was accessed by the singer.

The judge agreed. "The court will grant the defense motion not to allow (the material)," Melville said. "It does appear to be cached material. There's no way of knowing if anyone looked at it or not."

And in still further developments, Jackson attorney Brian Oxman, was taken by ambulance from the courtroom to a hospital.

As the court session ended a member of the defense team, Brian Oxman, suddenly took ill. Jackson dabbed at Oxman's face with a tissue and helped remove the attorney's suit coat and tie as a bailiff called for help.

Sheriff's deputies cleared the courtroom and Oxman, who was conscious but pale, was wheeled on a gurney to a waiting ambulance and driven to nearby Marian Medical Center....Oxman's law partner told Reuters Oxman was admitted to the hospital for treatment of pneumonia....

There's more weird Oxman news in this Court TV-Diane Dimond exclusive report of a cameraman's unauthorized recording of Oxman's portion of a cell phone conversation with an unknown person that took place in a parking lot in which he alluded to dissension among the defense team. Is this a scoop or a new low in reporting? You decide.

Update: A snippet from Tuesday's hearing and the continued testimony of comedian Louise Palanker.

During a break in testimony, a fan who had been sitting in the public gallery fainted. When court officers approached to offer assistance, she began screaming, "Michael! Michael!" and kicking at the officers. Court was briefly delayed while the woman was removed on a stretcher, but her screams were heard in the courtroom for several minutes.

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