Michael Jackson Accuser Previously Denied Allegations

Jackson Trial Update
Monday March 14

Michael Jackson looked much better today in court. The cross-examination of his accuser continues, with the boy making admissions that helpful to the defense.

The accuser was known as a disruptive student and twice told the dean at the school that Jackson never did anything improper to him.

"I told Dean Alpert he didn't do anything to me," the boy said under questioning by Jackson attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. "I told him twice."

As to being a troublemaker at school:

Mesereau confronted the teenager with school records that showed that nine teachers had complained about the boy's disruptive behavior, events that the boy acknowledged.

Of one teacher, he said, "I felt as if he didn't deserve respect as a teacher. I didn't respect him as a person." He complained on the witness stand about the teaching methods of virtually every teacher mentioned.

"When I would stand up to teachers the other students would congratulate me," he said. He added: "I was argumentative at times. I didn't like the way they taught me. I wasn't learning anything."

And that statement about Jackson telling him masturbating was a good way to avoid raping girls? Seems his grandmother told him the same thing.

On Thursday, the boy testified Thursday that Jackson told him that if men do not masturbate, they might rape women. Mesereau noted that the boy told sheriff's investigators in an interview that his grandmother had told him the same thing.

"Why did your story change between that interview and your testimony last Thursday?" Mesereau asked. The boy denied changing his story. He said that both his grandmother and Jackson had told him the same thing, but the context was different.

"She was telling me it was OK to do it, and Michael was saying you have to do it," the boy said.

Update: Jackson Trial Twists.

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    I still say Jacko's creepy, but I remain unconvinced as to whether or not he's criminally creepy. Mesereau seems to be doing a pretty good job, so far.

    Starting to like the kid's parents are simple con artists rather than pimps.

    looks like the kid is seting jackson up: if he was such a tough guy in the classroom , I don't see him being a "victim" of a "girly man" like MJ.