Will Republican Hypocrisy Destroy the Senate?

by TChris

President Bush complains about "obstructionist" Democrats whenever he doesn't get his way (although he may soon be complaining about obstructionist Republicans who don't want to support a plan to dismantle social security that will get them voted out of office). As the New York Times editorial page suggests today, the President invites obstruction with his "in your face" style of governance.

President Bush likes to complain about the divisive atmosphere in Washington. But he has contributed to it mightily by choosing federal judges from the far right of the ideological spectrum. He started his second term with a particularly aggressive move: resubmitting seven nominees whom the Democrats blocked last year by filibuster.

The editorial recognizes that the success of the President's "ideological crusade" depends upon the willingness of Senate Republicans to change the rules that protected them when they were the minority party.

Republican leaders now claim that judicial nominees are entitled to an up-or-down vote. This is rank hypocrisy. When the tables were turned, Republicans filibustered President Bill Clinton's choice for surgeon general, forcing him to choose another. And Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, who now finds judicial filibusters so offensive, himself joined one against Richard Paez, a Clinton appeals court nominee.

The editorial warns that the nuclear option may endanger "one of the great institutions in American democracy, the United States Senate," by encouraging Democrats to ignore the tradition of unanimous consent, making it nearly impossible for the Senate to conduct its business. If, that is, Senate Democrats have the courage to act as the opposition party.

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  • NO, but the liberals might.

    The Dems are about to get 'borked", and as we all know, what goes around...

    Re: Will Republican Hypocrisy Destroy the Senate? (none / 0) (#3)
    by Peaches on Sun Mar 06, 2005 at 01:26:00 PM EST
    ..., and as we all know, what goes around... Goddamn right Doc. All the more reason the Republicans had better be careful on this one.

    Anyone that listens to Robert Byrd is pulling for the nuclear option!!! How bizarre that a KKK member invokes the name of Hitler! Saw T-shirt today that said "Robert Byrd: A great example of West Virginia's shallow gene pool!! I ordered 10 for the synagogue I attend. Funny huh?

    Is Byrd the only Senator ever asked to apologize to the American public by the ADL? -C

    Re: Will Republican Hypocrisy Destroy the Senate? (none / 0) (#6)
    by scarshapedstar on Sun Mar 06, 2005 at 02:27:36 PM EST
    Shorter JR, Ace, and Cliff: "Lalala..."

    Scar - Kudos to you for shortening your inanity. -C

    He's found his true voice, Cliff.

    doctor ace makes cliff look like a genuis, and that's hard to do.

    Speaking of inanity...

    The Dems are about to get 'borked", and as we all know, what goes around...
    The reason Doc, Ace and Cliff have hijacked this thread and devolved it into a 4 year old, name calling spree is because they have no intelligent response to the relevant posted article. As the facts of this particular post don't suit their infantile lack of logic and critical thinking skills (explains why they're not progressive, at least) they simply ignore them and make ridiculous comments like the one about Bork above. Doc (who, although I disagree violently with on basically everything, I thought was at least, well, smart) states that "what goes around comes around". THE FACTS don't support this. THE FACTS support the problem of a president (whose duty is to at least attempt to select confirmable candidates who will represent ALL of the country)who is building up his ultra-right base by nominating extremist judges who are destined to be unacceptable to the American Public. You know, Bush represents those who DIDN'T vote for him too - we're not the occupied losing country deserving of payback and deprivation his little "with us or against us" moral code dictates. So, small ugly spittle-spewing trolls, BACK under your bridge. Unless you have a rational comment to post on this thread.