Opening Arguments Today in Michael Jackson Trial

Opening arguments are today in the Michael Jackson trial. Some articles with recaps of the issues and central participants:

Update: Testimony will begin Tuesday. The first witness will be Martin Bashir, maker of the British documentary, which will be allowed in evidence.

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Jackson Accuser: I Knew More Than He Did

Smoking gun has uncovered another interview between Michael Jackson's young accuser and detectives:

The Los Angeles boy who has accused Michael Jackson of molestation told sheriff's investigators that the singer was a naif when it came to "the birds and the bees," claiming that his alleged abuser "didn't know much. I knew more than he did."

The surprising appraisal from the boy, now 15, came during a January 19, 2004 interview with Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department officials, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The boy, who was 13 at the time of the alleged molestation, replied that Jackson would "always, like, try to give me" advice about "the birds and the bees." However, the boy told investigators, "He didn't know much. I knew more than he did."

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    No one wants to say anything about this one. After all if we don't tell we don't know, what a joke of a system and so well controlled in all things. configuring and managing the system, but to what ends?

    I got a laugh out of this -- it's old enough to be at the bottom of the page, and there's only one comment. I don't see anything systematic about it. I think people could care less about Jacko. He's so far out there that nobody can connect with him, and most people would just as soon he went away so we could have something else to look at on the news.