Koufax Awards Site Shut Down for Exceeding Bandwidth

Please donate to Wampum who has done the extraordinary work of hosting the Koufax liberal blogging awards for three years. Their ISP shut them down today for excess use of bandwidth - voting was that heavy-- and Mary Beth and Dwight who run the site don't have the money to reinstate it and keep going. Nor should they have to foot the bill for the rest of us.

Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged has their paypal contribution page. Go, give.

[hat tip Digby.]

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  • Yeah, here's how amazing Eric is. Here's what he had to say to me, after I dared to write in a comment in their blog, on the day they had a server crash, that they should get a Mac. Note how he threatens the entire validity of the voting by threatening to deny any visitors from my site! Dwight from Wampum has had two days to reply once I asked him about this, but as yet I haven't had a reply from him. By the way, I have no idea if my comment was the height of insensitivity or was sensitive or somewhere in between, since I can no longer read what I wrote - I'm not only banned from commenting on the site (which would be excessive enough), but from VISITING the site! Here's Eric: jeez you are dumb. i put a deny from your subnet in our apache config hours after your snarky "get a mac" response to my wife's real distress. so you can get another isp. [Continued in next comment]

    i'll put one vote for you on the tally, and provide you with the trackback url to paste into your blog so that your readers can click through to vote can, but you personally don't need to see wampum. if you ask for it. of course, i can check the referrer for those that do click through from your blog, and dynamically re-write them back to your blog unless they show a Mac user-agent. tomorrow's recreation. you be sure and let me know when you've burned hundreds of hours trying to make a real contribution to the left, either by running for office, or running a pro bono campaign to just help the left hand side of the blogosphere be more fun, and more better. yes, i did write the orignal single unix specification, and some of its sequela, and yes, my wife uses windows, and no, you can't use our serv Eric | Email | Homepage | 02.13.05 - 10:27 pm | # [continued]

    And by the way, the comment about "making a real contribution to the left" is just inane but I'll save the elaboration for some other time. Suffice it to say I have devoted THOUSANDS of hours of my life to social progress - not just the hundreds of hours spent on my blog in the last two years, but a lifetime of organizing meetings, demonstrations, picketing, writing letters, and on and on and on.

    Re: Koufax Awards Site Shut Down for Exceeding Ban (none / 0) (#4)
    by bad Jim on Wed Feb 16, 2005 at 01:49:46 AM EST
    Yeah, that's Eric. So?