New Magazine to Sell Using Homicide as a Theme?

Denver is getting a new bi-weekly called Bias. Targeted to a young audience, Westword reports that the promotional materials indicate that sex and homicide are the themes.

Among the first items in a sample issue of Bias magazine that's been shown to potential clients in recent months is "Drink to the Lost," a feature urging readers to "Find your luck in living with this fun murder map!" An accompanying street guide of downtown Denver spotlights locales where prominent slayings took place, along with toasts to the victims. Guzzlers are encouraged to laud assassinated talk-show host Alan Berg with this remark: "If we're all to be mowed down for the shit we talk, then the devil's got a full clip for each of us."

Here's a promise from the promo material:

[Bias] "will help you carve up your market like Jeff Dahmer at a Rohypnol party."

It's a bit of a surprise who's funding the publication:

Bias, which will allegedly supplement its mag with a highly interactive website, a text-messaging component, event sponsorship and attempts to use flashmobs for commercial purposes, is tentatively slated to debut before the year is out under the auspices of MediaNews Group and E.W. Scripps, respective owners of the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain News.

Both are considered very family-friendly. 5280 Publisher Dan Brogan sees it as a fairly desperate attempt by Denver's daily newspapers to shore up their sagging ratings.

I like the concept. It's edgy and humorous. It would be fun to be a tour guide on the famous murder route. But then again, I've had this book on my living room coffee table for years.

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    sex, violence, probably got some drug use up in there too!!! ?where can i get a subscription.? ?now about that book on your coffee table, is it a set-up to observe and/or expose your guest' curiosities? thatís absolutely devilish.

    To each his own. I'd rather leave a pile of vomit on my coffee table than that trash.