Robert Kennedy , Jr. Won't Run for New York Attorney General

Smart move by Robert Kennedy, Jr. He's decided against running for Attorney General of New York. He now leaves the field clear for his soon-to-be former brother-in-law, Andrew Cuomo, a far better choice, as we explain here. Cuomo hasn't yet made a decision.

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    Cuomo is AWFUL-- a really nasty person with about ZERO integrity

    which should make him the perfect elected official

    RFK Jr. is an archetype of the limousine liberal who is overflowing with coercive prescriptions for how his fellow citizens ought to live, but blithely exempts himself from having to live under the same rules. He excoriates Joe Sixpack for driving an SUV, then flies around the world in a private jet. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything better from the parasitic Kennedy clan. [name calling deleted.]

    What a pack of lies and slanders. RFK Jr. has acquired great renown and the respect of millions of people worldwide. He has fought, HARD, for environmental laws which Bush is unilaterally (and illegally) gutting. His call for Federal CAFE standards is on a different scale than private jet travel, as anyone with a six cent education would realize. As for 'coercive,' RFK Jr. is about the most mild-mannered persons on the earth. He just wants corporations to pay THE REAL COSTS of their products, and eminently American idea. You must also hate that Pinko Teddy Roosevelt, who created the National Parks system. And all the hunters and fishermen who have paid for a lionshare of protected lands -- what b*stards!! Shadow Merchant is selling, but we have lemon laws, and education enough to recognize a LIAR when we run into one. RFK Jr. points out that $Republicans treat the world as a business in liquidation. That has been proven true, and there are PLENTY of real Republicans who agree, in their horror at the destructive, stupid, ultimately uneconomical WASTE of GW Bush and his Clown Bus. Shadow Merchant licks the Clown Bus tires, because he is hydrocarbon deprived. Just put your Hummer in the garage, S & M, and leave it running while you blog more lies. Enough 'Vitamin H' and for sure you will be feeling better.