Police Report Urges Scrapping Ballistics Database

Maryland and New York are the only two states that require ballistic fingerprinting on handguns. A Maryland state police report recomemends repealing the law:

A law requiring Maryland State Police to collect ballistics information from each handgun sold in the state has not aided a single criminal investigation and should be repealed, a state police report has concluded.

About $2.5 million has been spent on the program so far. Col. Thomas E. Hutchins, the state police superintendent, said he would prefer spending the money on proven crime-fighting techniques.

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    Why have a hand-Gun Anyway? no real point in some Hand-gun, maybe a shotgun for your home, but The Idea may work who really knowns? But it will not stop people from killing each other.

    Re: Police Report Urges Scrapping Ballistics Datab (none / 0) (#2)
    by pigwiggle on Tue Jan 18, 2005 at 06:13:41 AM EST
    Well, if it doesn’t work and is a waste of money this is a slam-dunk. “Why have a hand-Gun Anyway? no real point in some Hand-gun, maybe a shotgun for your home” A long gun is cumbersome in the confines of a hallway or doorway and the barrel can easily be grabbed and diverted. Further, a handgun is easily concealed. However, some folks just like to shoot them.

    pig - And you forgot the best reason of all: 'cause I wanna and I'm an American. Hey, why not have everyone drive the same car - like a Lada. Pftt. Anyway, I guess i'm not surprised that the kind of people who believe in gun control believe that they can do something as stupid as count on a shell extractor not changing over the life of a gun. Hello? I mean, I'm thinking of putting a lighter extractor in my Kimber .45 to change the way the cartridges are thrown. What fingerprint then? -C