Donations for Tsunami Victims Pouring In Through Internet

The Washington Post on internet donations for the Tsunami relief effort:

As never before, people are turning to the Internet to donate money, the latest step in a revolution that has altered everything from shopping to presidential campaigns. "This is like 1951, when television really took off,'' Paul Saffo, director of the Silicon Valley-based Institute for the Future, said yesterday. "We are in the middle of a fundamental shift from mass media to the personal media of computers and the Internet, and charitable giving is a logical progression.''

Check out Amazon.com, where more than 53 million people have donated more than $3 million to the Red Cross as of yesterday. Here's the direct link to contribute. Kudos to Amazon. And Apple.

Ezra of Pandagon says:

As a follow-up to my last post, even if our president is a callous sonofabitch, the American people are not. Head over to Amazon, where the front page is anchored by an enormous plea to donate to the Red Cross. That's money that could have been spent in their stores, and it's money they're asking you to spend in disaster relief. Check out Google's always spare frontpage, where a conspicuous plea to help the tsunami's victims has appeared under the search bar. For that matter, go to your favorite news sites, hit Yahoo!, poke around the blogs. The internet's been used to focus Americans on the tragedy at hand and channel their horror into concrete relief. I'd be stunned if online efforts alone hadn't reached into the tens, or even hundreds, of millions, far outpacing our government's pathetic response. In this day and age, our government is not worthy of its people, and I'm proud of us for that.

Natasha at Pacific Views:

Note to Bush: You're in a popularity contest with Bin Laden for the hearts and minds of certain segments of the global population in his war against America. Unf*ckinbelievably, you're losing what should be a no contest fight. A fight you should be able to win with (to quote a Bush supporter) half your brain tied behind your back, just to make it fair. Not only are you stingy, Mr. Bush, you're stingy in deeply stupid and dangerous ways.

Note to prominent Democrats: Work with a relief effort, charter a plane, and get some of your high-profile backsides over to the disaster areas. Get some attention drawn to people who aren't tourists. If you have to stay home, throw some fundraising dinners for Doctors Without Borders or the IRC/RC, you're good at throwing fundraising dinners. Now, move it.

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