Mass. Gov. Tries to Bring Death Penalty to the State

Update: Fafblog is great on Romney's plan.

Mass. Governor Mitt Romney is dreaming. He thinks he has an innocence-proof death penalty bill. He's trying to get it passed in his state which does not have a death penalty.

The Mass. legislature is controlled by Dems. It looks like Romney will have a tough time getting his bill through.

"I don't believe it's possible to be 100 percent certain no matter what you do. Humans are fallible," said state Rep. Elizabeth Malia, a Democrat.

Rep. Michael Festa, a Democrat, said Romney should focus on crimefighting tactics that work, like a proposal to support community-based drug treatment programs. A member of the Criminal Justice Committee, he said he hopes Romney's death penalty bill makes it to the floor of the House for a vote - so it can be defeated.

"I think we should stand up as lawmakers and say we don't want this in our state," he said.

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