'Dude' Actor Erik Aude Arrives Home After Release From Pakistani Prison

A big welcome home to Erik Aude, the 24 year old actor released from a Pakistani jail this week. He arrived back in California tonight where he reunited with his family. More details emerge about why Pakistan released him:

Aude's mother and manager said a Pakistani judge earlier this month ordered his sentence commuted to time served after the man who hired him was convicted in the United States on drug-smuggling charges. In a deposition, the man said he never told Aude he would be picking up opium on the trip, they said.

In addition to his mother Sherry who worked tirelessly to free him, praise is also due Rep. Howard McKeon (R-CA) who lobbied the Pakistanis for his release and provided them with the dealer's statement exculpating Aude.
Here is the must read article about Aude, by Seamus McGraw.

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    To "Brian", Don't be a hater! Struggling to make it in Hollywood is one of the hardest things anyone in America can do.Trust me- I've been through it too..Erik was very poor and hard-working when we were hangingout...he deserves and has earned every bit of so-called "pampering" he can get...trust me...don't judge others until u've walked in their shoes...Hollywood tends to focus on the RESULTS after YEARS of sacrifice/struggle/and humility.Most celebrities have paid dues you can't even fathom as a "normal" person....every cent & bit of notoriety has been paid for 10 times over by the time it comes...