How the World Views Bush

His first term did not endear Bush to the international world--including the French and those between Berlin and Beijing. What are they thinking of his second term? Trepidation:

To the French, he's an uncouth cowboy - a swaggering statesman in a Stetson who shoots from the hip and asks questions later, if he asks them at all. They're not the only ones who think so. From Berlin to Beijing, President Bush was widely scorned abroad during his first term as a headstrong hombre more interested in action than consultation. Now, as the world spins into a new year, many are eyeing his second term with a mixture of caution, frustration and resignation.

It's an interesting article because it goes through the European and Asian sectors of the world, reflecting what leaders of the various countries say about Bush. Not all are negative....he's popular in Japan and Poland. [link via Buzzflash.]

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