Bernie Kerik's House of Detention

One of Rudy Giuliani's last feats as Mayor was to rename the Manhattan Detention Center the Bernard B. Kerik complex. Will Rudy ever live down his endorsement of Kerik?

Rudy has not been completely forthright regarding Kerik. As we reported here, in April, 2002, at Kerik's retirement dinner, Rudy called Kerik "the brother he never had." After Kerik withdrew his nomination, Rudy denied being particularly close to Kerik.

Rudy said Kerik wasn't really part of the company, despite his "vice president" title and despoite the fact that a joint venture of Giuliani Partners is named Giuliani-Kerik, LLP(now to be renamed Giuliani Security & Safety.

Giuliani said repeatedly that Kerik's role in the firm is very limited, representing "less than 5 percent" of its business. He also said that Kerik's position was largely limited to their joint venture, Giuliani-Kerik. "He's not part of Giuliani Partners," the former mayor said.

I hope Rudy and Judy move to the Hamptons and live happily ever after, far away from electoral politics.

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