Christmas Eve Feel Good Story

Everyone likes a feel-good Christmas story, here is our's this year- from The Onion, titled Weed Delivery Guy Saves Christmas. It's off-beat, kind of funny and has nothing to do with religion. It begins:

MADISON, WI-The holidays evoke images of carolers and hot cocoa, sleigh rides through the crisp country air, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But for the four residents of a drafty little apartment on Johnson Street, such holiday traditions seemed nothing more than fairy tales. For, through a combination of poverty, circumstance, and plain old bad luck, these young gentlemen nearly saw their holiday dreams shattered like so many fallen ornaments.

Almost, but not quite. For although there would be no Yule log in the fireplace, a crackling blaze of another kind would come to warm the hearts of the hapless roommates. For, these four lucky friends had a guardian angel watching over them, and this is the heartwarming true story of how the weed delivery guy saved Christmas.

Follow the link for the rest of the heartwarming tale.

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