Peterson Jurors Give Play-By-Play of Deliberations Process

Defense lawyers among you (and anyone else who wants to chime in)--how many appellate issues can you spot from this very detailed report of the deliberations process in the Scott Peterson case?

And how many of you would keep any of these jurors on your next case?

Amber Frey, represented by her lawyer-agent-manager Gloria Allred has inked a fat book deal with Judith Regan of Regan Books (the publisher of Bernie Kerik's book). The book will be out on Jan. 4. The jurors will be free to sell their stories 90 days from the return of their verdict.

As the trial came to a close, Judge Alfred Delucchi reminded jurors that they must wait 90 days before they can accept any compensation for services related to their participation in the trial.

Prediction: First juror with a book deal will be Rochelle Nice with the oddly colored red hair--she's a mother of four young sons, unemployed outside the home, who says she never spent a night away from her kids before being sequestered for deliberations in the Peterson csse. Why didn't she ask to be excused? Any judge I can think of would have granted a mother of four young children a hardship request in a trial expected to last six months. As a mother, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that being a juror in a high-profile death penalty trial that is scheduled to last six months is going to hinder your parenting time and ability. What was the incentive, if not the pot at the end of the rainbow?

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