Stupid Law of the Week

by TChris

Strippers in San Antonio will now be required to wear an "identification badge" while working. Requiring strip club employees to wear such badges will, according to the city council, "increase safety." Of course, displaying the real names of strippers will actually jeopardize their safety by exposing them to stalkers, but common sense often has little to do with legislation -- and the stated purpose often has little to do with the true purpose, which in this case is probably a desire to drive the clubs out of business.

Update: This story says the badges display the dancer's stage name. But dancers have to apply for the permits, which may make it possible for patrons to identify a dancer's true identity by inspecting the application. In any event, the story makes clear that the law has nothing to do with "safety" and everything to do with the city's distaste for a lawful business.

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