Inmate Draws Christmas Cards, Earns Bail

Arkansas detainee Charlie Cook, awaiting trial on meth charges, began drawing and selling Christmas cards. He earned enough from their sale to enable him to post bond. His wife, also charged, had already made bond.

After visiting with prison missionaries, Cook became inspired to draw winter scenes as Christmas cards. Clarence Yoder, a Mennonite who had visited Cook in jail, liked the cards so much that he took them to his bakery and sold them for $2 each.

"We're trying to stay away from the people and circumstances that have contributed to some of the bad choices we've made in the past," Mrs. Cook told the Harrison Daily Times newspaper.

I've received some great Christmas cards from my jailed clients over the years. Some are creative, some demonstrate the client's emotional nature, some rise to the level of art. I keep them all.

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