Jurors Hold Conference in Scott Peterson Trial

[Note: This was live blogged during the press conference, so it is not in complete sentences.]

Three jurors are holding a press conference. One of them, the woman, is especially inarticulate. The other two talk in generalities. And very slowly. In sum: I listened for an hour and learned nothing.

Of these three, one is a youth football and baseball coach; one is an unemployed mother with four kids; One is a firefighter and paramedic. Their answers are defensive and non-specific, they are very concerned with letting people know they had no opinion when it began.

What convinced them he's guilty?

Juror No. One: When you add it all up, there doesn't appear to be any other option.
Juror No. Two: When you put it all together, it spoke for itself
Juror No. Three: Not one thing convinced them of guilt. Then he added, it was Scott's inconsistent statements. The bodies being found where Scott said he went fishing. The framing theory didn't add up.

They are even less clear on the death sentence. It was a trust issue. Laci should have been able to trust Scott. "This was his daddy who did this to him."

They talk mostly of the effect of the trial on them.

Why a verdict of murder one and two? There was no consensus that there was premeditation for the fetus.

One talked about Scott's "consciousness of guilt" and of his driving to marina to check on what is going on and leaving right away -

Why Greg Jackson (Juror #5) was removed as foreman? The jurors unanimously voted him out as foreman. [You can bank on this being an appellate issue--when else have you heard of a jury impeaching their foreman?]

Curiously, they referred to the ousted foreman as the "doctor-lawyer" which is what the press called him repeatedly. The press they weren't supposed to be following. Nervously, one added they just found out the nicknames today, after the verdict (in the last half hour and it just rolled right off the tongue?)

One juror talked about the people clapping at the courthouse on the day of the guilty verdict. [Now we know for sure the jurors all saw it.]

Did they want to hear from Scott? The woman juror: "We heard enough from him." He showed no emotion when verdict was read, that spoke 1,000 words to her. She didn't like the "giggles" at the defense table today.

Another juror would have liked to have heard anything from him. A plea for his life, or even to hear him say they were wrong. Instead they got a blank stare. One juror said he saw Scott laugh, shake his head in disbelief, but no emotion. No sense of caring except when his nieces from Alaska, testified. He was stoic. The paramedic disagreed, said he saw emotion but it was anger.

One juror: They went through hell. He's amazed they never got sick in six months. [What is so strange about that? Have you been so sick you missed work in the past six months?]

They can't answer why they think Scott killed Laci. One says no idea. Another says maybe it was freedom, divorce was not an option. This juror thinks Amber was not the issue. He planned it beforehand. Not because of lust.

First vote on the death penalty was late Friday: Six for death, two for life, four undecided on Friday at the end of the day.

Why did they look at the exhibits today? Very, very evasive even though question asked by two different reporters. Seems like there was a holdout and showing the photos of the remains, the sonogram of the fetus and Laci in her red dress at a Christmas party she attended alone convinced them.

The woman juror kept referring to Scott as "daddy" and to "baby connor" and seemed particularly invested in her decision. Almost had to mute her, I'm sure I will in the future.

One last comment: The defense jury selection expert missed this one by a mile.

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