Jury : Death for Scott Peterson

Update: Three jurors have agreed to a press conference. No time yet. They are free to accept gifts and money for information about the case in 90 days. Let them talk their heads off--maybe the defense will learn something that will cause a reversal.

Update: Scott Peterson was stonefaced. Juror #9 cried, alternate #5 cried, jurors did not look at Scott, except that juror # 12 gave Scott a little glance. They walked out looking at Sharon Rocha. Geragos had his arm around Scott Peterson as the verdict was read.

Update: Death

Update: The jurors are being brought in.

Update: Some of the jurors have asked to talk to the media afterwards.

Update: All the cable news networks will carry the audio feed of the verdict live.

Update: The lynch mob is already at the courthouse. Fox News estimates 500 of them. Just like the day of the guilty verdict. I won't be surprised to see vendors hawking death t-shirts--either messaging that it should been death or trumping that it is a death verdict. They probably prepared both in advance.


The jury has returned a verdict in the Scott Peterson trial. It will be read at 4:30 pm ET. I'll try to cover it live here.

Comments are open for now, but please keep in mind that this is a defense site, and there will be low to zero tolerance for pro-death views. TalkLeft is a personal site intended to advocate my point of view - not to present both sides.

If you want to rant for death, go over to the Court TV message boards. If you have questions or comments about the trial process, feel free to leave them here.

[Comments now closed, too many people abused them and I don't feel like reading through the drivel to get to the good ones (and there are several of those too)or having to spend my evening making friends with the delete key.]

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