Today is Human Rights Day

December 10 is Human Rights Day, so named by the United Nations in recognition of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. Some thoughts:

Don't forget Darfur. Or Tibet.

In Pakistan:

President Musharraf in a message on Human Rights Day has said that alleviation of poverty and promotion of literacy are foremost priorities of his government. Pakistan as a member of the international community striving its best for promotion of human rights especially for protection of rights of women, children and religious minorities.

In Taiwan, where the Presidential Office's Human Rights Consulting Committee yesterday unveiled its list of the top 10 political injustices of the martial law era.

In Nigeria. In Brazil. And Northern Ireland and Belarus and Russia. In Lebanon.

In the UK, a prize was given to this courtroom fighter for civilians tortured by British in Iraq.

What about the United States?

Historically, the United States has been regarded as the world's greatest champion of human rights, but this report demonstrates that we don't have to look overseas to discover human rights abuses -- they're happening in our own neighborhoods," Mohn said. The violations identified in the report include instances of:

Human Trafficking
Cruel or Inhumane Treatment
Arbitrary Arrest and Detention
Withholding Access to Political Asylum
Chronic and Widespread Poverty
Scarce Affordable Housing
Inadequate Health Care
Improper Care of Elderly

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