Bernie Kerik Withdraws From Consideration as HSA Chief

Bernie Kerik withdraws his name from consideration as Homeland Security Chief--word is it has something to do with his position as a director of the stun gun Taser company--from which he has made $6.2 million. He says it's for "personal reasons."

Update: Text of Kerik statement is here. Article claiming decision based on a nannygate problem is here. I'm not buying the nanny story. It could be a combination of things. I ran a Lexis search for "Bernard Kerik" & lawsuit in the news database of articles more than two years old. Have a field day.

Note: Kerik's lawyer is Joe Tacopina, a long-time friend of mine. Personal loyalty wins, so TalkLeft may be out of the Kerik-bashing business. Unless the story gets really big.

Joseph Tacopina, Kerik's personal attorney, said Kerik had not been asked to withdraw his nomination. "It was Bernie Kerik who uncovered this on his own," Tacopina said. He brought it to the White House, and it was his call to withdraw. No one asked him to."

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