Will Booker-FanFan Come Down Today?

Law Prof Doug Berman at Sentencing Law and Policy reports today may be the day the Supreme Court issues its long-awaited post-Blakely decision on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines in the Booker and Fan Fan Cases. TChris, who argued the Booker case for the defense in the High Court, must be on pins and needles. So are defense attorneys and inmates around the country. Will the Guidelines be invalidated, in whole or in part? Prof. Berman reprints a poem from a reader in anticipation of the decision:

'Twas the night before Booker, and all through the prison,
Inmates packed up the cells that they wouldn't be missing.
The lawbooks and transcripts were bound up with care,
In hopes that the verdict soon would be there.

Here's Prof. Berman's guide to get you back up to speed. All our coverage is here. Good luck, TChris.

Update: No decision today.

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