McCain Criticizes Bush on Iraq: Says Planned Troop Increase is Insufficient

Sen. John McCain refused to give President Bush his vote of confidence on the Iraq war today, saying that his recent plan to increase troops will not be enough:

McCain told "Fox News Sunday" that more troops probably will be required to protect polling places during next month's elections, prosecute the fight against the insurgency and help reconstruct Falluja, the volatile city where U.S. forces have been conducting an operation.

And the problem, when you react, you have to extend people on duty there, which is terrible for morale. There's a terrific strain on Guard and reservists. If you plan ahead, then you don't have to do some of these things.

"The military," he said, "is too small."

So what are the options? Put your head in the sand if you want, but here's how it looks to us:

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