McCain to Baseball: Shape Up or I'll Do it For You

John McCain is threatening baseball with new legislation for mandatory drug testing in the wake of the media's revelation that Bonds told the grand jury his trainer, since indicted for steroid distribution, gave him substances to take while training.

McCain's threat to impose drug testing standards on professional athletes -- Congress has the authority under the U.S. Constitution's interstate commerce clause -- significantly escalates a long-simmering battle between the federal government and the national pastime over drug use.

McCain is the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. I think the question McCain should be asking is who leaked Bonds's grand jury testimony? While witnesses before the grand jury can discuss their testimony, prosecutors and agents are forbidden to discuss matters occurring before the grand jury including witness testimony. Bonds' lawyer denies he used steroids and says Bonds is the victim of a government smear campaign.

Bonds said he thought the substances he was given were flax seed oil and arthritis cream.

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