Telluride Plane Crash: NBC's Dick Ebersol Survives, One Son Missing

Update: Teddy Ebersol did not suffer. He was ejected from his seat and killed instantly.

Update, 11/29, 7pm: Local authorities say they are 99% sure they have found the body of 14 year old Edward "Teddy" Ebersol. They are waiting for dental records to confirm.

Sad update: Teddy Ebersol, the 14 year old son of Dick Ebersole and Susan St. James, is presumed dead. Our heartfelt condolences to the family and best wishes for a speedy recovery for Dick and Charlie.

Bump and update: Dick Ebersol's two sons were on the plane. One, Teddy Ebersol, is missing. The other, Charlie Ebersol, a senior at Notre Dame, was unhurt and is being credited with pulling his dad out of the plane and to safety. [Via local tv news.]

Update: Dick Ebersol and his son Charlie have been transported by air to a hospital in Grand Junction. It's unclear whether Charlie was accompanying his father or injured himself.

The New York Times quotes an eyewitness to the crash in the Montrose Daily Press:

Doug Percival, a tow truck driver interviewed by The Montrose Daily Press, said he had heard the plane explode. He looked out of his dispatcher's office near the end of the airport and saw the jet on fire. "I heard a kid, maybe 18, screaming, 'Please help my brother, he's only 14, he was in the fourth row, help me get him out,' " Mr. Percival said.

He said he also saw Mr. Ebersol. "He was so banged up, I thought he was dead," Mr. Percival said.

The family is requesting that no further information be released.

At least two and possibly three people were killed today when a corporate jet carrying six persons took off from Montrose, Colorado airport, near Telluride. One of the survivors is NBC sports chief Dick Ebersol. One person is missing. Ebersol's wife, actress Susan St. James, was not on the plane. The plane crashed into a fence and burst into flames. The plane was en route to South Bend, Indiana. Names of those who died have not been released.

Ebersol used to be the executive producer of Saturday Night Live--he took over when Lorne Michaels left. Our best wishes go out to Mr. Ebersol for a speedy recovery from whatever injuries he sustained. According to an early news report of the crash, three people sustained serious injuries.

Update: Three people were killed, the pilot, flight attendant and a passenger, as yet unnamed. The injuries sustained by the other two passengers were "life threatening." One person is still missing

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