Terry Nichols Outlined His Role in OKC Bombing for Prosecutors

The Daily Oklahoman has obtained a copy of a statement Terry Nichols and his lawyers gave to prosecutors last year during plea negotioations that could have but didn't result in a deal to save his life, that outlines his role in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. He said he knows of no other co-conspirators, did not know Michael Fortier was involved, and did not know what building McVeigh intended to bomb until he heard it on the news. Nichols went to trial and was sentenced to life by the jury.

Here's the text of the statement:

Were you present during the purchase of: ammonium nitrate, nitromethane, barrels and where was each purchased?

Ammonium nitrate: Yes, for the majority of the purchases. It is my understanding that McVeigh bought some additional bags of ammonium nitrate (approximately 12 or more) on his own. I was not involved in those purchases. The ones I was involved in were purchased from the McPherson, Kansas Coop. I do not know where McVeigh purchased the additional 12 or so bags.

Nitromethane: I was at the racetrack in Ennis, Texas, when the nitromethane was purchased. Upon arriving, McVeigh only received one admission tag to enter the area and therefore I was unable to accompany him to the actual purchase of the nitromethane. At his direction, I waited for him to purchase the nitromethane.

Barrels: Yes, approximately six 55-gallon steel barrels with removable lids were purchased from a business I think was called SDS Recycling in El Dorado, Kansas. The business was located on the west side of town on the north side of the highway.

Six 55-gallon white plastic barrels with bung holes (a couple could have had blue rims) were purchased at a business I believed was called Hillsboro Dairy Plant located at Hillsboro, Kansas. It was located on the north edge of town, just south of the highway. The four plastic barrels (2 white and 2 white with blue rims) found in my garage came from a business that was called something like Environment Recycling in Marion, Kansas, near the southwest edge of town.

How and where was the bomb constructed and who was present, to include ingredients, percentage of fertilizer to nitromethane, boosters, initiator, and where did the recipe come from?

The bomb was constructed at Geary Lake. The only people present were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. The barrels were put in a shape charge design in the Ryder truck. I think there were eleven barrels and they were in the shape of this diagram. Boards were nailed into the floor to hold the barrels in place. McVeigh poured the fertilizer into the barrels. I am unsure how much fertilizer McVeigh put into each barrel. He had it all figured out. The nitromethane was added next. McVeigh had purchased a bathroom scale. There were several white plastic 5-gallon pails that were used to weigh the nitromethane.

The nitromethane was drawn out of the barrels by the use of a hand pump that McVeigh bought from the same man who sold him the nitromethane. If my memory is correct, I believe that 20-22 pounds of nitromethane was put into a pail. I cannot recall, but more than one pail of nitromethane was put into each barrel. Prior to finishing, it was obvious that there would not be enough nitromethane, so diesel fuel was siphoned out of my truck and used to finish the barrels.

There were about 12 bags of ammonium nitrate that were not put in the barrels. McVeigh stacked them in front of the point of the barrels. McVeigh put a hole in each of the bags and poured some diesel in each of the bags and then rolled them around a bit. The barrels were not mixed or moved. McVeigh put some Tovex in each barrel. I believe that McVeigh also put a major booster charge (Tovex) at the inside point of the V shape of the barrels. I do not know if he put anything with the bags of fertilizer, but it appeared that he was priming everything to make sure it would all go off.

Kinepak was mixed and put in the major booster charge. I believe that Kinepak was also mixed and placed in each of the barrels and, I assume, the bags of fertilizer. The only initiator that I am aware of was the Primadet and at least two regular blasting caps. A Primadet was placed in each barrel on the Kinepak and I believe he placed one in a location in the center of the group of bags of ammonium nitrate. All of the Primadet came to one location. I did not really see how he did each step of the Primadet, but I believe he used two regular blasting caps with green cannon fuse to initiate the Primadet cords.

Whether he had Kinepak there or not, I do not know. Two holes were drilled in the cab of the Ryder truck and two holes were drilled in the van of the Ryder truck. One green cannon fuse was run through each hole into the cab, under the seat. That is how McVeigh initiated the fuse. The recipe was McVeigh's and I believe he got it from the "Homemade C-4" literature and other literature he had gathered. I do not know the percentages. McVeigh told me what to do and so I was unaware of what the percentages were.

Where did any extra explosives from Martin Marietta Rock Quarry end up?

From reviewing the documents and sitting through my trial in this case, I have learned that McVeigh gave certain explosives away and may have sold others. I do not remember being aware of those actions at the time. I was present when some of the Primadet and Tovex from the Marion Quarry was used near Kingman, Arizona. There were some explosives from the Marion Quarry, blasting caps only, that were left over after making the bomb. Those were left in the Herington Storage Unit.

After the bombing, I took those blasting caps and, along with other items, wrapped them in plastic and put them in a place where they would not be found by anyone. If McVeigh had other of the explosives from the Marion Quarry remaining after the making of the bomb, he did not tell me about it.

Who participated in planning and who knew of the plan to blow up the Murrah Building and what was their level of participation?

Timothy McVeigh: McVeigh did the planning and was involved in all aspects of the bombing, including carrying it out.

Terry Nichols: I was involved in the gathering and storing of the components of the bomb, the testing of some of the components, going to Oklahoma City on Easter Sunday to pick up McVeigh, and the actual making of the bomb.

As to Michael Fortier, Lori Fortier, or others, I was unaware of their involvement. McVeigh was very careful to make sure that all discussions were held in private between him and I and, it seems, between him and others.

Who went to the Murrah Building to select it or studied plans of it to plan the bombing?

While I am sure that McVeigh told me something about the building he selected, I did not know anything of who or when anyone went to the Murrah Building to select it as a target. I never saw any plans for the bombing. I am unaware as to who was involved in the planning besides McVeigh. The only time I was near the Murrah Building, other than driving on the interstate while passing through Oklahoma City, was on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1995, to pick up McVeigh from the downtown area. I did not know which building McVeigh chose as a target until I saw and read about it in the media after the bombing.

As to the diagram that was found in the trash can, I have no idea what that is a diagram of or where it came from. I also was at a gun show at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds in early 1995.

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