Street Drug Prices At Record Low in Britain

The Independent reports that street prices have dropped so low for drugs in Britain that a line of cocaine is less expensive than a glass of wine. [link via Raw Story.]

The figures show widespread falls in the price of heroin, ecstasy, cannabis and cocaine....Ecstasy prices have dropped from £14 a tablet to just £4, although it costs as little as £1 in some parts of the country.

The figures are expected to embarrass the Government, which just last week relaunched its war on drugs. Hey, Prime Minister Blair, maybe war is not the answer. Why not increase the treatment options and reduce the demand? Why not declassify and remove penalties for minor user offenses and decrease the profit margin for sellers? Increasing penalties doesn't work, just look at the U.S. Do you want 1 of every 140 British residents in jail? It gets pretty expensive. Especially when you're fighting a war in Iraq.

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