More Troops Needed in Iraq...Where Will We Get Them?

The New York Times today makes the case that Fallujah demonstrates we will need substantial troop reinforcements in Iraq. Pentagon officials seem to concur. They say it's possible that the 82nd airborne may pick up the slack:

But a third option -- drawing all or part of a brigade of the 82nd Airborne Division on emergency standby in the United States -- has emerged as increasingly likely.

Sounds like a bandaid to us--a real short-term solution. The reality is that Army recruiters are having a tough time fulfilling their quotas.

With troops stretched thin, with rumors swirling about a return to the draft, the nation's volunteer Army must reinforce itself — and demonstrate its capacity to reinforce itself, quickly and robustly, come what may. If the Army can't make do with volunteers, as it's done for all but roughly 35 years of its 229-year existence, then it will need to conscript.

It seems like common sense. If we need more troops and they aren't available, how else but through use of the draft will we get them?

Update: Check out this post I wrote over at 5280-on recruiters and recruitees--the hunters and the hunted.

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