Round the Bloggerhood

Time to update your bookmarks....Avedon Carol of Sideshow has moved the blog to its new home. Here's the new link.

Libertartian Robert Prather is back blogging, this time as part of the group blog Signifying Nothing.

Say hello to Grits for Breakfast, concentrating on the evils of the drug war.

Norwegianity has the JFK blogpost of the day. 41 years ago today.

Eric Alterman:

So the next time some one asks you if you’re glad that we’ve removed Saddam Hussein from power, you might want to ask them if they’re glad that, after we’ve spent 200 billion dollars and killed tens of thousands of people, 400,000 Iraqi children are now suffering from acute malnutrition. That and oh yeah, the world hates us and the pool of Al Qaeda recruits has been vastly increased. And oh yeah, I’m betting on a draft.

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