'Team Jesus' Banner Removed at Air Force Academy

Let's hope James Dobson and his fellow radical evangelicals are crying in their eggnog tonight, after losing a round at the Air Force Academy in their home town of Colorado Springs. A 'Jesus banner' will be taken down from the team's locker room. This was no ordinary banner. The message, part of something called the "competitor's creed," read:

"I am a Christian first and last ... I am a member of Team Jesus Christ."

The banner was put up Wednesday by the team's coach, Fisher DeBerry, who agreed Friday to take it down. The Academy seems to be taking the right course. It has warned staffers against including biblical verses as taglines on Academy e-mail. It disapproved of cadets using Academy e-mail to urge seeing Passion of the Christ. And on Thursday, the Superintendant announced the Academy would begin religious tolerance training.

Outgoing Air Force Secretary James Roche issued a statement about it. Note the use of the positive vs. the negative. Instead of saying intolerance won't be permitted, he says:

"Our policy is clear. Tolerance of gender, racial, ethnic and religious diversity is required at our Air Force," Roche said.

I like it. I bet James Dobson doesn't. His role at the Academy seems to be dwindling--it's been two years since the Academy Parachute team, which in 1993 delivered the keys to Dobson's new building to him, has performed at a religious event.

It's still Mountains High, Bias Deep at the Academy. But good for its leadership for recognizing the problem and making an effort to change.

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