'Round the Bloggerhood

Skippy is in an apologetic mood. Very classy. Very Skippy.

Mad Kane has an ode to Alberto Gonzales.

Avedon Carol's Sideshow is offline, we're getting a message when clicking there that she's exceeded her bandwidth and been removed. When she comes back on, if she has a tip jar, send her a few bucks so it doesn't happen again.

Roger Ailes has news on former Tom Delay staffer, Tom Scanlon, and how he is now the subject of a Texas grand jury investigation.

Jeanne of Body and Soul has been gone since Sunday....thinking about whether to give up blogging. I hope not, she's just about the best writer in blogtopia (yes, Skippy coined that phrase.)

Liberal Oasis says the Democrat's strategy is beginning to emerge. It's neither fight nor capitulate.

South Knox Bubba on Bush's health care plan. (He has one?)

The Talent Show on Bush's plan to simplify the tax code.

The Stakeholder has a roundup of news on Republican attempts to smear Texas DA Ronnie Earle when the DeLay Indictment comes down.

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