Arlen Specter Will Chair Judiciary Committee

Sen. Arlen Specter today won the support of Republicans to chair the Judiciary committee. It's a done deal.

Specter promised to do his best to stop Democrats from blocking more of Bush's nominees. In the last four years, Democrats have been successful in halting 10 judicial nominees through threats of a filibuster, while allowing more than 200 to be confirmed.

"I have already registered my opposition to the filibuster and will use my best efforts to stop any future filibusters," Specter said. "It is my hope and expectation that we can avoid" future gridlock with next year's 55-45 Republican Senate majority.

Bottom line: A chastened Specter is better than the alternatives, which likely would have been Hatch (by extending his term) or going with the next in line, Jon Kyl.

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