Judge to Drug Defendant: Jail or Join Military

A Kansas California judge yesterday told a 24 year old marijuana possessor that he could either go to jail or join the military.

Brian Barr was the victim of a home burglary. He shot and killed the intruder, and all agreed it was a justifiable act. Barr, while waiting for the cops to come, hid his marijuana stash. What upset the Judge was that Barr had a weapon and marijuana in his home.

After announcing that the Probation Department had recommended 240 days in jail, and praising the probation officer assigned to the case, Moody gave Barr the option of enlistment instead. "There's an awful lot of good in this young man," said Moody, citing Barr's record as a student, his civic involvement and his intervention in a Salinas bank robbery last year. Barr's father, William, is the county superintendent of education.

Even the DA was surprised because people in that county are usually sent to drug treatment, not prison. And the military suggestion was never discussed and had never occurred in the county before.

Apparently, this was a common option during the Vietnam war. The Judge said,

...when he was bused to Monterey as a draftee 30 years ago, many of the other young men on board had chosen the Army over jail.

Young Mr. Barr has one month to make up his mind.

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