Pro-Life Group Applauds Peterson Conviction, Wants Abortion Outlawed

We warned months ago that the "Laci and Connor Law" was a ploy by abortion foes. They are coming out of the shadows now. The American Life League has issued a press release on the Scott Peterson murder conviction:

The verdict makes it crystal clear that he, and all those who reside in the womb, are indeed human persons; not possessions. This is a landmark conviction because of its recognition of the preborn child as a human being who deserves equal protection under the law.

"This is the first high-profile case to be decided since the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. The UVVA correctly recognizes the preborn child as a human being deserving justice under the law when he or she is killed due to a violent act perpetrated against his mother that results in the preborn child's death.

Here's some gall for you--they are still not satisfied. They want more:

The UVVA is flawed; it perpetuates the lie that some preborn babies' rights are worth defending and others are not. If, for example, Laci Peterson had aborted Connor, the abortion would not have been defined as a crime.

So what do they want now? Abortion to be outlawed.

Our Creator endows every innocent human being with the same inalienable rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and that guarantee should apply equally to each and every preborn individual.

..."American Life League will continue to educate the American people and our legislators to the simple truth that all preborn babies' civil right to life must be defended from all acts of murder, no matter what the method."

Did you catch the slick jargon, the "pre-born child?" Hypocrites, all of them. If they are so pro-life, why don't they come out against capital punishment? Where's their press release asking that prosecutors in the Peterson case drop the request for the death penalty?

Update: James Dobson's Focus on the Family joins the chorus. It lauds the media for referring to the unborn Peterson baby as an "unborn child." Ok, thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Dobson. We're done with that. We're going back to "fetus" whenever we talk about the case.

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