Scott Peterson Guilty: Where Is the Evidence?

The transcript of my live coverage of the verdict for the Washington Post is here.

I can't stand watching Amber Frey's lawyer Gloria Allred gloat on television although I like Gloria personally. She is not a prosecutor in the case yet she is now referring to the prosecution's plans for the death phase as "we." Amber Frey is the next Joan of Arc. Have to change the channel.

I do not believe the charges against Scott were proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence was paltry at best. He was tarred by being a liar and a cheat. Scott Peterson was tried and convicted in the media, months before the trial started.

There was no murder weapon, no cause of death, no time of death, no identifiable crime scene, no witnesses. And a reconstituted jury that deliberated less than a full business day.

This jury as much said, "Someone killed her and there is no other explanation so it must have been Scott." Shameful. That is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Let the appeals begin. And may the jury spare his life.

Tune in to Hannity and Colmes tonight, where I will be outnumbered by about 5 to 2. Gloria Allred, former OJ cop Mark Fuhrman, and Lis Wiehl, among others. Lis has done a great job all day today reporting live from the courthouse. We don't agree on the case but she's a friend and a pleasure to watch.

TalkLeft has received 2,500 visitors in the last hour. One hour. It's amazing that so many people are obsessed with this case. It's also amazing that there are still hundreds of strangers outside the courthouse cheering. Shades of Rome and gladiator days. Very sick.

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