Jury Foreman Removed From Scott Peterson Case

Verdict Update here.

The lawyer-doctor jury foreman was dismissed by the Judge today in the Scott Peterson trial. Sounds like he did some reseach on his own and imparted it to other members of the jury who ratted him out, but no one's talking yet and the juror is gagged.

This is the juror who went into deliberations with 19 notepads he filled up during the trial. He seemed particularly interested in DNA evidence during jury selection.

The new alternate has a connection to Scott and Laci Peterson:

His son-in-law now owns a restaurant that Scott and Laci Peterson themselves once owned.

The new foreman is juror no. 6, a firefighter and paramedic.

Juror No. 6, a man who works as a firefighter and paramedic, was elected as the new foreman. During the trial, he at times seemed uninterested in the proceedings. He was seen rolling his eyes on occasion, specifically during the playing of tape-recorded conversations between Peterson and his girlfriend, Amber Frey.

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