Radical Right Has High Expectations for Alberto Gonzales

Focus on the Family, a radical right group from Colorado Springs founded by uber-evangelical James Dobson, is already making demands on Alberto Gonzales. In a press release issued today, the Group stated:

"It will now be Mr. Gonzalez's duty to defend the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act against the federal court challenges that have blocked its implementation -- a duty handled admirably by Attorney General Ashcroft. American families will also look to Mr. Gonzalez to aggressively prosecute obscenity cases against pornographers who continue to flout federal law.

"We expect these issues and other policy priorities of the president will be carried out by Mr. Gonzalez with excellence."

Dobson was one of those pushing out the evangelical vote for Bush.

Just days before one of the closest and most contentious presidential elections in history, Dr. James Dobson will call on every pro-family American to cast his or her vote on Nov. 2. This call to Christian duty will air in two special broadcasts on his nationally-syndicated "Focus on the Family" radio program on Oct. 25 and 26..... "Do you know that in the year 2000," he said, "four million evangelicals did not go to the polls? Do you know that more than 25 million Christians of various stripes – Catholics, mainline, other perspectives – did not register and did not vote? That is an outrage. And it must not happen again."

If you really want to lose your lunch, check out his "must read election message."

Welcome to the theocracy.

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