Alleged RNC Kicker Returns as Election Official

In the truth is stranger than fiction department, read this letter in today's Daily Pennsylvanian:

Why was the alleged Republican kicker working as an election official?

On Tuesday morning, like many of us, I went to vote. My polling place, the one for ward 27, district 11, was 3609 Chestnut St., a cozy-looking rehabilitation care center next to the Divine Tracy Hotel. When I got to the voter registration desk, I became a witness to a confrontation between an election official and a Democratic poll watcher whose name unfortunately escapes me. The election official was behaving very aggressively, and telling the poll watcher that, among other things, she must not speak to any of the voters, or to him, and if she did, he would call the police.

....I learned soon afterwards that this had not been the worst of it, and that it had been going on all morning. At one point, the election official had verbally intimidated a homeless man, causing him to leave without casting his vote, and had prevented the poll watcher from intervening. When the election official involved me in the confrontation, addressing me and blaming the poll watcher for the delay, I said something brief in her defense. She then asked me if I could give a statement of what I had just witnessed to a couple of lawyers, and I gladly did.

This is when I was shocked to learn the identity of the election official: Wharton junior Scott Robinson, better known as the alleged convention kicker.

[hat tip Daily Kos diary] Background here, here and here.

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