Site Crunch

It's that time. TalkLeft has not asked often for reader contributions in recent months due to revenue received through our blogads. But, blogads have all but disappeared since the election. Even after dropping the ad rates, there have been no takers.

As regular readers and commenters know, this site takes hours of my day and evening to maintain. What began as a fanciful hobby is now a news and opinion site read daily by 15,000 people, and growing. Many of these readers return several times throughout the day, evening and weekends, looking for fresh material. So far, I haven't disappointed.

Without the ad revenue, I have to ask for reader contributions. There really is no other way to keep the site going at the current level. So, if you are a frequent reader, or if you just like TalkLeft and want to see it continue and thrive, please make a donation. All amounts from $1 up are welcome and appreciated.

(If you recently gave, no need to give again.)

Update: Thanks to all you generous readers who are making contributions. I really appreciate your response. Individual thank you notes will be sent soon.

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