Texecution No. 21 Tonight - Former Football Star

Demarco McCullum was a star quarterback on one of Houston's high school teams. Now he's awaiting his execution tonight in Texas. His appeals have been exhausted. According to NCADP,

McCullum was sentenced to death based on the notion that he would continue to be a future threat to society in or out of prison. He has been in prison for 10 years and has been a model prisoner. McCullum accepts full responsibility for his actions and is truly remorseful for the crimes he has committed. There is every reason to believe McCullum could continue to live peacefully in a structured environment. McCullum’s attorney was quick to express his concern that the state was executing a reformed law abiding man who is very different today than he was at 19 when the crime was committed.

Tommorrow it will be Frederick McWilliams turn to die.

In Kentucky, Governor Ernie Fletcher just signed his first death warrant, for Clyde Bowling. The Governor is also a doctor. Groups contend he should not have signed the death warrant because he is bound by the Hippocratic oath. In additon,

Bowling's case is permeated with problems -- including his possible innocence, his low IQ and allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. So profound are the questions raised by this case that Bowling's execution would be a tragic miscarriage of justice.

Bowling's supporters maintain that the Lexington police and Fayatte County Commonwealth's Attorney's office are withholding evidence that could help exonerate him, apparently because this evidence would reveal police corruption.

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