Blogger Exodus: Ode to Tristero

I'm very sorry to learn that Tristero is calling it quits.

It's become much too hard to be an American.

In my case, I took a break from the middle of a pretty decent career, to add my dissenting voice during what was - and remains - a national emergency. Although my career hit some major snags as a result, I will never regret what I've done. How could I be a decent father to my daughter, let alone a responsible citizen, and not have tried to do at least something to prevent the madness of the Bush/Iraq war?

...constant exposure to the toxic nature of George W. Bush and his world has taken a serious toll. In more ways than I care to remember, my health has suffered, as has my emotional well-being. In a nutshell, America is now asking too much of its citizens in order to save it from heading over a cliff. That is why we elect representatives, so that we can do our work and not have to run a government. We're supposed to have a responsible and free press, so that normal folks need not work 24/7 exposing the lies and crimes of our leaders. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to do my bit, but I've already done more than I reasonably could. Politics, political writing is not my field, never was, never will be. There is a limit to how much I can do, how much basic research I'm qualified to undertake. I tried to exceed that, but I am simply not capable of continuing to do more.

It's time to get back to work. I have too much music I need to write. I had a lot of fun writing this blog, learned a lot, met many fascinating people who are far more intelligent than I, always a pleasure, and who I wish I could thank properly not only for their hard work, but for the pleasure and comfort it's given me. I may drop a line or two on this blog every once in a while. And I'll never stop.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tristero when he was in Denver for a performance. He had e-mailed me he was coming and asked if I'd like tickets. I asked Dave Cullen of Conclusive Evidence to go with me. We sat in just about the best seats in the house. The performance was riveting. Tristero hasn't revealed his identity that I know of, so I certainly won't, but he is an amazingly talented artist. Afterwards he stayed and told the audience the story behind the performance from which one could only be awed by his dedication to his creation.

Tristero brought the same passion and dedication to his blog, and to opposing Bush and his policies. Who can blame him for retreating now? But, from my one meeting of Tristero, and knowing a bit about his artistry and career, I have no doubt that when we get another chance to beat back the Bushites, warmongers and evangelicals, he'll be back.

In the meantime, his voice will be missed.

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