Media Blaming Election on Bloggers

Oh come on, this is absurd. The media is jumping on the idea that Bush won because bloggers posted unreliable exit polling data in the afternoon. As Instapundit says:

THE BIG-MEDIA SPIN is that "Bloggers are to blame" for the leak of early exit-poll info. Hmm. Conspiracy theories aside, why blame the bloggers instead of the network folks who did the actual, you know, leaking?

If bloggers (is Drudge a blogger?) are to blame for publishing leaked information from news organizations, then why aren't news organizations equally to blame when they publish leaked information from government officials? Do they really want to go down that path?

And why let Zogby off the hook? Mainstream America is far more likely to listen to him than bloggers. As we and countless other blogs pointed out election day,

This doesn't mean you don't have to go vote. It's a poll, and we all know how reliable those can be. But things are looking good, so go, put it over the top for Kerry.

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