Report: Ashcroft to Submit Resignation

Update: One thing to keep in mind. It's traditional for cabinet members to submit their resignations after an election. Whether or not its accepted is another matter. In Ashcroft's case, the party faithful love him for agreeably serving as Administration whipping post. But, his name is so closely aligned with the Patriot Act, that others may feel Bush has a better chance of shoving Patriot Act II down our throats if he's gone.

Drudge is reporting that Attorney General John Ashcroft will submit his resignation to Bush within a few days. If Rudy Giuliani is his replacement, I seriously will consider hanging it up. Enough is enough. Clarence Thomas as Chief Justice and Rudy as Attorney General....what's the point?

And don't say we didn't warn you.

A new, in depth profile of Rudy Giuliani in this week's New York Magazine examines his future potential as a presidential candidate in 2008. What an awful idea, although no way would he win with his pre-9/11 background, but this thought is even worse: Rudy as Attorney General or Director of Homeland Security in a Bush II Administration.

AFP is reporting similar news:

At the Justice Department (news - web sites), John Ashcroft (news - web sites), 62, appointed to please the Republican Party's right wing, is widely expected to depart. His replacement could be Tom Ridge, 59, the Homeland Security Secretary, or Rudolph Giuliani, 60, the New York City mayor at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Giuliani could also replace Ridge if he moves to the Justice Department or returns to private life. Other possible scenarios include Bush replacing Ashcroft with Marc Racicot, 56, who directed his victorious re-election campaign, or Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, 57.

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