TalkLeft Statement on Election

Many in the blogosphere are urging acceptance of the election results and, now that Kerry has conceded, an endorsement of support for George Bush because he is our President.

TalkLeft will not support George Bush. We recognize that he is our President, but as our mission statement states, we will continue to expose the injustices in his Administration.

TalkLeft believes George Bush has been a terrible President, perhaps the worst ever, and objects to virtually every policy he has implemented.

The thought that he will pick the next Supreme Court Justices is terrifying. How many more will die in Iraq and elsewhere because of his unilateral decision to invade Iraq while terror threats from al Qaeda abound?

Our criminal justice system is not fair. Innocent people are languishing in jails and on death row. Mandatory minimum sentences and the wrong-headed drug war are locking up thousands needlessly at great expense to the taxpayer. Our civil liberties are under siege as never before, largely due to Bush's appointment of John Ashcroft as our Attorney General.

Bush's faith-based programs and continual expression of his personal religious beliefs are offensive to those who do not share those beliefs and those who value the separation of church and state mandated by our Constitution.

TalkLeft will continue to bash Bush, fight Bush and mock Bush--he may be our President but he does not have our support.

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