24 Hour Countdown : Will Osama Pop Up?

Newsweek analyzes the bin Laden tape in the context of the Administration's search for him. A few weeks ago, they thought he was in Pakistan. Since the tape was released, Newsweek says more agents have been put on the task of finding him.

In the wake of the bin Laden tape, Newsweek has learned, the FBI is expanding its operations to a second-tier list of several hundred more suspects, pulling in manpower from other agencies, including drug teams and U.S. marshals.

We won't be suprised if Osama turns up between now and Monday night. Particularly if he turns up dead. The tape is too strange. In addition to the physical and situational differences we pointed out here, the text of the tape reads like a campaign ad. His reference to Michael Moore's film is strange. His attacks relate more to George Bush I than the current President. Newsweek says,

In the tape, bin Laden did not seem like a hunted terrorist on the lam. After reviewing bin Laden's demeanor, health and the backdrop in the video, one intelligence official said bin Laden looked as if he were now living comfortably in an urban setting in Pakistan. "He is not tired, is not running, is not worried," one Taliban official tells Newsweek.

Maybe he was captured months ago and told he would be killed if he didn't make this tape. Maybe he will be killed after making the tape. Between Pakistan and Karl Rove, there's no telling what Hollywood ending may be in store for us.

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