Wesley Clark Blasts Dick Cheney

Wesley Clark issued this statement today:

“Vice President Cheney should be ashamed of himself for his last ditch efforts to mislead Americans about John Kerry. George Bush and Dick Cheney turned their back on our troops by attempting to cut their combat pay while our troops faced enemy fire on the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan. They turned their back on our troops when they sent them into combat without the body and vehicle armor they needed, and then opposed reimbursing families who were forced to buy their loved ones this needed body armor. They turned their back on our troops by cutting funding for VA hospitals and by reducing the availability of health insurance.

“The Bush administration has neglected our troops and used them. It has failed them. Troops need good leadership with a strategic plan and a vision for success. George Bush has given them neither. By failing to use all the tools of diplomacy to reinforce our military efforts in Iraq, George Bush has let the troops down.

“It's appalling that Dick Cheney has the audacity to question John Kerry's commitment to our troops. The Bush Cheney campaign is showing its desperation.”

Received by e-mail from the Kerry campaign

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