Rudy Giuliani Gunning for 2008

A new, in depth profile of Rudy Giuliani in this week's New York Magazine examines his future potential as a presidential candidate in 2008. What an awful idea, although no way would he win with his pre-9/11 background, but this thought is even worse: Rudy as Attorney General or Director of Homeland Security in a Bush II Administration. Some choice quotes:

For Rudy to be a viable candidate in 2008, terrorism still has to be the central issue. He could vanquish it the way he vanquished the squeegee men.

Describing Giuliani back at his hotel after an event:

...Giuliani, in shirtsleeves, is on a gray central couch, an enormous cheese-and-cracker plate in front of him, untouched. When he’s standing, Giuliani is often hunched. Seated, his posture is even odder: He’s so short-waisted that his large head appears perched just above his navel.

On his future:

The possibility of a Cabinet job—Homeland Security, say, or attorney general—in a second Bush administration hasn’t come up, yet. “Of course I’d consider it,” Giuliani says. “I think it’s very presumptuous to say—first of all, the president hasn’t offered me a job. If he did, I’d consider it, but I don’t know that I’d do it.”

This sounds about right:

There can be Rudy the hero and Rudy the hack,” says Kerry aide David Wade. “And lately he’s chosen to be Rudy the hack. I don’t see a big future for him.”

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