Catholic Group Condemns Bush for 'Moral Failures'

Catholics for Political Responsibility (CPR) has launched radio ads on 45 stations in Ohio,Wisconsin, Colorado, West Virginia and New Hampshire, condemning President Bush for his "failure of moral leadership." The ads cite "mounting casualties in Iraq, the torture and rendition of detainees, the growing number of families in poverty and rising abortion rates."

"I voted for Bush in 2000 because of my pro-life values but I am heartily sorry now. On war, health care, poverty and abortion, he has failed to promote the culture of life when it counts," said Sidney Callahan, award-winning Catholic writer and CPR Co- chair.

....This group of prominent theologians, clergy, and laypeople bares witness to the moral failures of the Bush administration, the Catholic values of service and stewardship lived by John Kerry, and the obligation of Faithful Citizenship to have an informed conscience on all Catholic teaching.

Here is the text of two of the ads:

Ad No. 1: Moral Failure

I am Sidney Callahan, a wife, mother of six and a Catholic writer on moral theology. I voted for Bush in 2000 because of my pro-life values but I am heartily sorry now.

President Bush has failed to live up to his moral promises. He led us into a reckless and unjust war condemned by the Pope and other religious leaders. The violence has cost us 20,000 lives and brought the deep shame of torturing prisoners.

At home tax breaks for the wealthy increase the gap between poor and rich. Families struggle without health insurance. No wonder abortion rates are tragically rising again, after falling 18 percent in the 90's. George Bush talks a lot about his religious values but he is not choosing life when it counts.


President Bush, as pro-life Catholics, we made a deal with you. You were on the wrong side of most Catholic teaching, but you were with us on abortion, and that mattered.

You marched us into an unjust war, against the appeals of the Pope and your own Methodist Bishops. The number of children in poverty rose and 5 million people lost health insurance.

You've controlled the White House and Congress for four years, but what have you delivered for the culture of life?

Now abortion rates are rising steadily, after falling 18 percent in the 90's. That makes sense, more women lack the health insurance or economic security that help them choose life.

Mr. President, we waited for your moral leadership - it never came. You've disappointed us on all life issues - war, poverty, health care...and abortion. That wasn't the deal we made.

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