Runner-Up for Stupid Criminal of the Week

TChris has this topic covered so I'll just post a runner-up: In Memphis, a stool-pidgeon parrot is on the lam:

Fearing a parrot named Marshmallow could identify them, three thieves returned to the scene of the crime to silence the bird -- only to be caught by police.

After making off with a booty of DVD players, computers, radios, TVs and other electronic gear _ one of the suspects realized a parrot in the home had heard him using the nickname ``J. J.'' and was repeating it.

``They were afraid the bird would 'stool' on them,'' police Maj. Billy Garrett said.``They actually believed he could identify them.'' They decided to go back for the bird, loading it into the getaway car as police arrived on the scene. The chase ended in just a few blocks, with the men crashing their car.

The foot-tall parrot, with light green feathers, flew away when his cage broke open in the crash. It hasn't been seen since. Police charged Mark Martin, 18, Dallas Davis, 25, and Jarrin Hicks, 21, with aggravated burglary and evading arrest.

Three kids would like their pet parrot back. If you see it, drop a dime to the Memphis P.D.

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