Showdown in Iraq May be Imminent

The Associated Press is reporting there may be a showdown in Iraqsoon

An uptick in airstrikes and other military moves point to an imminent showdown between U.S. forces and Sunni Muslim insurgents west of Baghdad -- a decisive battle that could determine whether the campaign to bring democracy and stability to Iraq can succeed.

After providing facts to support the showdown conclusion, the AP continues:

A series of policy mistakes by the U.S. military and the Bush administration have transformed Fallujah from a shabby, dusty backwater known regionally for mosques and tasty kebabs into a symbol of Arab pride and defiance of the United States throughout the Islamic world. (our emphasis)

A videotape obtained Tuesday by Associated Press Television News featured a warning by masked gunmen that if Fallujah is subjected to an all-out assault, they will strike "with weapons and military tactics" that the Americans and their allies "have not experienced before."

It's interesting that the AP's interpretation of Bush's policies are stated factually to be mistakes. There seems to be no other plausible explanation.

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